Cayzu Migration: Export Data Automatically to Another Software

You get what you pay for. It might be true of service station sandwiches, but the cheap help desk software can be a disruptor. Up to the time, it doesn’t miss a beat with your goals and performance. If you’re here, then you’ve searched for Cayzu migration options.

Cayzu Reviews at a Glance

Cayzu performs customer service and may manage a company’s IT resources. To make things clear, let’s set apart its pros and cons.

Strong Side

  • Cayzu help desk helps to track customers’ orders and other issues. You read and respond to customer queries on time.
  • It improves team performance and time management so everyone meets deadlines.
  • The customization options quite wide and adapt nearly to any business flow.
  • Simple and easy navigation.

Weak Spots

  • The help desk software toolkit is enough for one company while others lack specific features to run processes smoothly.
  • Cayzu features got many layers and they can be fixed in two ways: get used to it or customize it. But there are no custom reports.
  • It is easy to get over-customized and mess with the records. In the end, it creates issues when a company decides to initiate the Cayzu migration.
  • The automation tools aren't easy to set.

Recap: If you’ve just started your business or run a small one, Cayzu brings a good set of features and numerous third-party integration options at a low price. But if you need advanced reporting or automation, you’re better to keep looking.

Cayzu Export: Enlisting Migration Records

Most companies want to migrate their data and connections to a new help desk platform. If that’s about you too, congrats: with Help Desk Migration, you can export:

  • Tickets
  • Contacts
  • Organizations
  • Agents
  • Groups
  • Attachments
  • Notes
  • Custom fields
  • Inline Images
  • ”Created At”, ”Updated at”, ”Closed at” Dates
  • Tags
  • CC in tickets

Note: You need to create Groups before the data migration.

How to Launch Cayzu Data Migration?

1. Create your Help Desk Migration account and start a new data migration.
2. Select Cayzu and provide the API key to connect it to the Migration Wizard.

Cayzu Export

3. Choose your target platform and fill in access credentials.

Cayzu Help Desk Export

4. Select Cayzu data you want to migrate.

Select Object Cayzu

5. Map your records among Cayzu and the targeted platform.

Cayzu Export mapping

6. Launch your free Demo.

Generating Demo Cayzu

7. Once it is completed, you will get a Demo Migration report to check the Cayzu migration results.

Cayzu Export Complete

Note: During the Demo migration, only tickets with the status ‘’resolved’’ would be transferred.

8. Start your Cayzu data migration to export your records to a new platform automatedly.

Leave no room for expectation, the automated migration saves record’s connections, time, and resources. Still, have questions? Feel free to reach our support team for help.

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