3 Business Challenges that Depend on Data Migration

Competition is what makes companies to constantly look for ways of growing their customer base, satisfaction, and also revenue. And when they find a suitable way to grow the business, it’s natural that they may face certain difficulties. One example of such an obstacle may be data migration. And in some cases it is unavoidable.

Let’s look over these 3 business challenges that depend on data migration and find the best approaches to handling this process.

Upgrading to a better help desk software

It’s no secret that the quality and reliability of the help desk software impacts support teams. And, in its turn, the employees’ productivity directly impacts the customer satisfaction level. It changes in the general company’s revenue as well.

So, if your staff has trouble using the current software or the tools simply don’t suit your needs anymore, you may turn out to be in need of its replacing. And as soon as you find a suitable option, you may want to retain the customer data that you’ve collected until today. And, as you might guess, there will be a data migration waiting for you.

Putting customer service on a higher level

This business challenge is strongly related to the previous one. Imagine that your company decided on changing your customer service approach in order to grow the customer base. Thus, you have to think over each part of the strategy and tactics to make it most efficient. And chances are high that a switch of your current software is also inevitable in this case.

Again, it’s all because the software requirements may appear to be higher than those in the old customer service approach. And according to the new one, your current system may not be able to satisfy your needs.

Similarly, you will have to conduct a data migration. Of course, if you want to save the insight into your customer base as it moves to the new repository and goes on growing.

Business challenges for customer service

Consolidation of support teams

No matter if you want to acquire another company or your own business is being acquired, merging is a special process. Yes, it is one of the fastest ways to reach a new niche and therefore opportunities.

However, this business challenge implies bringing together two different databases. Sometimes even in a completely new environment. Be ready, that all the data on your customers and staff will have to merge and create a unified system of records with the other company. It’s sometimes difficult, in terms that different enterprises can have unlike approaches to data management. So, the dissimilarities in structure may vary. And this also complicates the merging of two databases.

The biggest challenge

Sustaining the level of service while scaling the business is the biggest challenge. But it is possible. All you have to do is consider and plan each step as well as find a data migration partner. It will save you a load of time as well as money.

So, what can you do to eliminate the possible errors during the data migration and ensure safety?

  • Let’s begin with such thing as redundant, outdated, and trivial data (ROT). Why? Because it is present in each company’s database. And even if you think that you don’t have any in your system, you are not just right. The thing is, that according to ZoomInfo research, 62% of businesses rely on data that’s up to 40% inaccurate. Another research shows that at least 15% of the contact details within your customer list gets outdated on a monthly basis. That’s why you should concentrate on the quality of your data. And this means regularly updating the information you have and getting rid of the ROT data. They make no better for your service, be sure.


  • Also, you should distinguish between the structure of the data itself and the system that contains it. It is sometimes necessary to be able to control the process and to prevent it from becoming a complete disaster. So remember, the data transfer and the new repository will decrease the efforts of your team and increase their productivity. But only in case the data is well-structured and organized according to the future system.


  • When merging with other businesses, you have to keep in mind a few things. The first point is to get the data of both companies ready in a similar way. Thus, your records management won't be completely different in its structure. Also, study the structure of the software of your mutual choice. This way you will ensure to reduce the possible risks that may appear during the migration. As well as assure the clear outcome that helps companies find information quickly, easily, and effectively.


  • Don’t forget that it’s not just about the whole data migration plan and records' structure (which are undoubtedly essential steps). But companies should also think about adding value to data they already have and improve its quality. This way, in the future platform they will have the information and content that is easy to find and use.


  • Lastly, make sure to back up the data, because you never know what may go wrong. It’s always better to have a copy of all the records. This way, the customer database you already have will continue to grow.


All these customer service upgrading strategies imply the necessity of data migration. And, having read this article, you are now aware of the possible risks from such a process. Now, it’s your turn to start planning this crucial process out. And don’t forget to make it as soon as possible in order to keep up with the constantly changing market and growing customer demands.

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