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How BOSSDesk Data Migration Goes

Our automated migration solution greenlights you export data in five simple steps. If you’re trying to organize a unique data structure, feel free to select our adjusted way. We’re all set to fulfill your special requirements.

Step 1. Connect your BOSSDesk and targeted help desk solution to our data exporting tool

Step 2. Choose the data you like to migrate to the destination help desk

Step 3. Double-check you've linked the record fields correctly

Step 4. Take a peek at the outcomes with our Free Demo Migration

Step 5. If you’re satisfied with the Free Demo outcomes, go with the Full migration

Ta-da! All your BOSSDesk customer support data are are migrated to the expected platform.

Step 1. Contact our service team for a custom BOSSDesk data migration

Step 2. Allow our professionals to work the migration run, so it’s just fine for your business

Step 3. Look at how it runs using our Free Demo Migration

Step 4. If it meets your business needs, initiate Full Data Migration

Congrats! You’ve painlessly migrated all your BOSSDesk records to the destination platform.

Why Is Help Desk Migration a Right App for BOSSDesk Data Migration?

Streamline your BOSSDesk data migration flow

Facilitate your BOSSDesk data migration flow. Export your customer support BOSSDesk data sets incorporating our automated migration service. Despite the amount of records you expect to migrate, perform everything in a few button clicks with no causing time out or tech team help.

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Preserve your customer service data protected

With our Migration Wizard, you can rest easy about your BOSSDesk records all through of the migration. Approaches like set authorization regulations, constant audits, and a safety-first implementation policy guarantee the utmost protection principle possible. We are proud of our wide collection of compliance that’s committed to keep growing

Apply a trusted migration service among verticals

Having efficiently exported loads of records, we keep on improving our migration tool — constantly including fresh and improved features and supported help desk systems. Millions of effectively exported records, a quickly expanding user base, numerous pleased feedback, and a handful of service-related awards prove the range and worth of our platform. And we continue advancing, with constant rollouts of new options and supported systems.

Mapping fields window

Prevent oversights with improved mapping

Don’t get bogged down by ​​fault-prone and cumbersome copypasting tasks during BOSSDesk transfer. With Migration Wizard, it requires you just a few clicks to set the course of your data entities while preserving all the connections between them. With just a few, you can adjust your data export and figure out how to order your records in the desired system while preserving all the connections.

Export your records with no affecting your customers

Our solution permits you to set up the migration for low use time, so none of your user is abandoned neglected. Moreover, you can select to move historical data at first, and after that take advantage our Delta opportunity to transfer the recent updates only. So, you can run customer support using the existing tool as long as the export is still taking place.

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Count on Help Desk Migration support representatives

Experiencing challenges with your BOSSDesk transfer? Don’t fret — our support agents can aid. Don't worry about process difficulties. Our support pros has the required expertise and knowledges to cope with any tasks during the migration. You can lean on our support pros to facilitate the migration workflow convenient for you.

What Can You Migrate from BOSSDesk with the Help of Our Data Migration Service?

Our Migration app lets you migrate a differing scope of data entities, all during matching to the default format of the future help solution. Check out a set of default data objects you can migrate from BOSSDesk applying our automated data migration platform.

If you have special requirements that weren't enlisted, contact us to deliver customized data export.

Help Desk entities

  • Agents
  • Users
  • Tickets
Download checklist

Find out the way to prepare for BOSSDesk data migration

Prepare for BOSSDesk data migration by checking an in-depth step-by-step guide

How much does BOSSDesk data export price?

Your BOSSDesk data export pricing depend on the following points: data volume, the options you’ll need, custom work you’ll choose, and data export complexity. Start a Free Demo to test the Migration Wizard performance and figure out how much your migration will cost.

Run a Demo to get the price

Export Your BOSSDesk Data Safely

Using Help Desk Migration service, you’ll never have to worry about security of valuable records. We commit to the recent standards, set frequent improvements, and invariably examine all servers.

Safe access

Our Migration Wizard shields your records from unwanted acquiring access with 2FA authentication. On top of that, only users with admin access rights can migrate your BOSSDesk records. With these security measures arranged, you don't worry about information leakage.

3-level data safety for your business data

We take care your records at 3 layers: physical — the physical safety of the hardware engaged in the BOSSDesk export workflow, network — the safety of your information when it’s in migration, and application — the safety of the code and information within our migration app.


We don’t come to any compromises in relation to data protection. You can rest assured that we are following all pilar standards, along with PCI (Level 1), CCPA, HIPAA, and GDPR.

Your feedback is our fuel us

Accelerate Your BOSSDesk Data Migration

Let us manage your BOSSDesk data export and facilitate your customer service by getting all the capabilities of a future platform without drawbacks.
Start data migration

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Take a look at our resources to learn more about Help Desk Migration’s capabilities, data migration, and customer service leveling up.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Help Desk Migration provides an efficient export of BOSSdesk tickets (with attachments, public and private notes, tags, custom fields, Created_at, Updated_at, and Closed_at dates), contacts, and agents. You can alter the default data migration to tailor it to your specific needs (filter data to be transferred, choose a custom target platform, and more) – write to us and find out the possibilities of automated migration.

Data migration duration depends on the data volume to be migrated and the API limits of the Autotask PSA account and your source help desk. Higher API limits lead to faster migration.

It is possible to continue support operations during the migration using the Delta Migration option. You can update or create tickets during the Full Data Migration and have them automatedly transferred to your target system. To eliminate duplications, our tool deletes the outdated copy of a record on the target platform and replaces it with its new version.

The following benefits make automated data migration fast and efficient:

  1. All data interrelations stay unharmed.
  2. No coding and technical expertise are needed.
  3. Delta Migration ensures zero downtime and uninterrupted customer service.
  4. Unlimited Free Demo Migrations let you examine the migration process as it is.
  5. Data filtering enables the transfer of selected records.
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