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Best Help Desk Software for Midsize Businesses Ranked

When it comes to picking a helpdesk for midsize business the assortment is more than huge. Even so, anyone can grab a powerful helpdesk ticketing system as they aren’t as expensive as they used to be. The reason in the price drop is that most of them leverage the power of cloud technology which on its own can cut in half. This allowed mid-sized businesses to leverage the power of help desk software. These businesses can now reach more people and even compete against bigger companies.

Yet, with all these benefits at the forefront, it's still hard to decide which one to go with. Each of them has something against the other and analyzing them one by one is extremely cumbersome and time-consuming. To help you out, we decided to gather every popular helpdesk for midsize business and stack them up against each other. We’ll be covering their core features, how much they might cost you, and in what cases they work the best. Let’s get started!


Zendesk needs no introduction and for good reasons. They have been in the helpdesk ticketing system industry for quite some time and they know what makes a service desk tool great. The key characteristic of this helpdesk ticketing system is its intuitive design that doesn't require any knowledge to navigate. Another great characteristic of this system is its ability to communicate with different things at once.

There are more than a hundred of different communication options included in the box. Indeed, you can set up things such as SMS, emails, live chats, and social media without worrying that something might go wrong. The tool provides a seamless setup process and does not require any kind of advanced computer knowledge. It also has a few self-serving options such as a customer portal, knowledge base, online community, and a help center.

If you want a refined experience and constant updates then look no further than Zendesk. They offer different plans for mid-sized businesses with a free trial that includes most of the premium features.


Similar to our previous entry, Freshdesk is well-known for delivering on promises. The company has a number of different variants of its core product, including a version for mid-size businesses. Their robust software package has everything needed to accelerate your business operations. Here belongs also a number of advanced functions that will streamline your workflow.

Their mid-size business help desk software solution is constantly updated. So, most of the features that are found in the regular version are present in this iteration as well. From managing tickets to analytics, you’ll have a hard time finding something that isn’t there. What makes this tool so great is that it allows for multichannel cooperation thanks to their dashboard system.

The dashboard system gives you full visibility of what's going on in multiple departments, as well as in different social channels. Another neat feature of this system is that it has the ability to aggregate all conversations into a live feed. This is the place where all responsible people can communicate, share, and collaborate to provide the best possible result. As another bonus, you can view both individual and group analytics to track the burnout rate and potential risks.

Lastly, the pricing isn’t high and you can grab a 21-day free trial to test out all the tool. There are a ton cool features and the overall experience is snappy with the only downside being the AI system. For it to work as intended, it needs to learn from your customers and 21 day just isn’t enough.


If there’s one word that can describe Kayako the best that would be adaptability. If you’ve been looking for a desk software for midsize business that can be fully customized, this is the right tool for you. Indeed, you can adapt this service desk to basically any business model with the only limitation being is scalability.

This helpdesk ticketing system was designed with mid-size businesses in mind. You get a user-friendly interface, live chats, a unified inbox, and a few tools that will help you gain more prospects. This tool also supports a number of languages and has a pretty extensive knowledge base that will help your customers in many different ways.

Finally, the tool allows you to send more personalized messages to your customers. Thanks to Kayako's API, you can attach to the system virtually any email, social media or phone operator. This will allow you to send more productive, personalized, deeper messages to both your prospects and existing customers. So, this desk software for midsize businesses is great and has flexible pricing as you choose from different plans.


While not viewed as a conventional helpdesk ticketing system, this system was made for businesses that operate in the Shopify environment. Gorgias main objective is to amplify sales and maximize the quality of customer support within the Shopify ecosystem. It’s a complex helpdesk that has a number of features tailored specifically for faster sales efforts.

A relatively big number of mid-size business help desk software solutions doesn't allow what this tool can. One of its key features is forecasting the reach and impression rate. With it, businesses can see how many prospects will be reached and what are your options in terms of pitching and communication. Aside from that, it has a few industry standard features. Here are a live chat, phone integration, social media management, and a pretty robust dashboard.

As mentioned above, it's not a conventional helpdesk. However, if you spend most of your day answering emails, this tool can automate it. Another great thing about this tool is that it has a Google Chrome extension that will make your communication on LinkedIn, Facebook, and other platforms more personal and professional. As for the pricing, you get to choose from four options with the latter one being made for enterprises. For mid-size businesses, the basic plan gets the job done.

Zoho Desk

The last one our list is Zoho Desk and there’s a lot we can say about this business help desk software. First off, this service desk is perfect for managing customer requests as you not only get instant notifications about the issues but analytical data regarding the frequency of the issue. Second off, this tool was made with quality assurance in mind because it allows you to track the quality of service, communication, and most importantly, delivery process.

The tool also has an AI system that can detect issues beforehand, as well as respond to your customers. It can also crunch numbers and provide statistical data that you can use to address industry-specific needs. Lastly, this business help desk software has a neat little tool called Blueprint that allows you to choose from a wide range of written templates so that your messages will never repeat.

As for the pricing, due to the inclusion of AI, it is a bit more expensive than the rest of the competition. Yet, when you consider the benefits, the investment becomes more justified. You can grab a free trial on their website to examine all of its marvels and in case it doesn’t click with you, you can always cancel it.


The number of different helpdesk for midsize business solutions is constantly growing and as times go, it will become harder and harder to decide which one you should go with. We have outlined some of the best options out there and in case you decide it’s prime time to migrate, you can always use our tool. It supports every major platform and in just a few clicks, you’ll be using your new service desk. Sign-up for a Free Demo and see for yourself.

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