5 Best Alternatives to Desk.com

If your company currently uses Desk.com as a help desk software, then you might have thought of an alternative platform to switch to. In March 2020, the support for Desk.com will be terminated. By that time you have either to switch to another Salesforce product - Service Cloud or find a new help desk platform that will suit your requirements.

Although it seems that the “day X” is far enough, there are several reasons not to put off the choice of your Desk.com successor:

  • the closer Desk.com gets to its shutdown, the less time they spend fixing bugs;
  • by that time you need to migrate your data and this is not a one day task;
  • while you keep using the platform which is no longer being developed, other help desks boast newly added powerful features. By not using them you are actually missing out on the new opportunities to grow your business.

In this article, we will review 5 alternatives to Desk.com focusing on the following: integration with Salesforce, pricing plans comparison, and data import functionality.

Service Cloud

Service Cloud Lightning comes with broader functionality compared to Desk.com and can serve the needs of corporations with complex business processes.

The official Service Cloud website reports that companies using Service Cloud Lightning experience a 40% increase in productivity and a 34% increase in customer retention.

Salesforce integration — native: Since Service Cloud is a Salesforce product, the integration is seamless.

Pricing — remains the same: All Desk.com users can automatically switch to the Enterprise plan at their current price. It’s an incredibly good offer.

Data migration — available for free: Salesforce offers assistance for all Desk.com users willing to switch to Service Cloud. In addition to the data import tool, they provide live assistance with the platform setup.


Zendesk is one of the market leaders with over “125,000 paying customers accounts that are supported in over 30 languages” (source). It offers a suite of powerful and flexible tools for all kinds of companies: from small local firms and startups to industry giants.

Salesforce integration — available: Zendesk provides a two-way data integration with Salesforce. That means support teams can see the sales data and the sales teams can access the data of the support department.

Cost comparison: Zendesk offers 5 pricing plans. It can be a bit confusing to choose a plan similar to your current Desk.com one. A good approach is to make a list of the required features and to pick out a suitable plan. If you take Service Cloud Enterprise as a reference point, for a similar set of feascout, freshdesk, tures in Zendesk Enterprise plan you will have to pay around $99/month/agent.

Data migration: Only ticket data import via API is available. To move the historical data about tickets, customers, knowledge base you need to find an external solution.

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Kustomer is a new platform that was launched in 2016 by the team of former Desk.com developers. Kustomer is an innovative platform that can present exhaustive information about customers within a single timeline. It allows building sophisticated workflows that personalize conversations and prioritize agents’ activities.

Salesforce integration — via third-party integrations: Kustomer does not offer a native integration with Salesforce. But they have an app catalog that offers integration with third-party services and tools.

Cost comparison: Kustomer offers two pricing plans — Enterprise that costs $99/user/month and Ultimate for $169/user/month. The set of features in Enterprise plan is close to that in Desk.com.

Data migration: Kustomer offers migration from other platforms. But the official website warns that “Data migration should be delegated to your technical resources since there are many technical decisions that factor into a seamless transition to Kustomer”.

Help Scout

Help Scout is the helpdesk with a simple interface focused on ticket management, email and live chat support. It doesn’t provide a traditional support portal where users have to log in to see their tickets. Conversely, for clients, it looks like simple emails.

Help Scout provides 24/6 email and chat support and weekly training to help you master the system.

Salesforce Integration — available in higher-level plans, read-only. With Salesforce integration, conversation history from Help Scout can be viewed in Salesforce, and CRM information will be available in a Help Scout account. But the information in the two systems can only be viewed, not edited.

Cost comparison. The Help Scout prices are very moderate. Their Standard plan is offered for only $20 /agent/month and Plus plan for $32 agent per month (if paid annually). There is also a Company (Enterprise-level) plan, the price for which is calculated on demand.

Data migration: Help Scout offers free data import for Desk.com сustomers. Their support team will help with migration if your company has more than 10 users.


Freshdesk holds the second position (along with Zendesk) among help desks with over 150,000 customers around the world. It is an all-in-one solution with multichannel functionality, game mechanics, intelligent automations etc.

Salesforce Integration — via an app that costs $5/agent/month. Purchasing Salesforce Plus app in Freshdesk you will get a two-way data synchronization and custom mapping.

Cost Comparison: Freshdesk offers 6 plans for very reasonable prices. If you need a set of features similar to Service Cloud Enterprise, then Estate plan for $49/agent/month should be a good fit.

Data Migration: They do not provide native data import functionality. So to transfer historical records, open tickets and knowledge base articles from Desk.com to Freshdesk you will have to use a specialized third-party tool like Help Desk Migration service.

We hope this article will help you to evaluate the available options and make the most beneficial choice. Help Desk Migration automated service is always here to help you with the move to your target platform.

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