Automatically Move your Data from LiveZilla Anytime!

From now on, LiveZilla users can also migrate their data to a new help desk system using Help Desk Migration. Read on to learn how to set up an automated data migration and what you should know beforehand.

The list of records possible to export from LiveZilla

As usual, we will share the list of entities that you can move from LiveZilla to your new help desk system. Here they are:

  • Tickets together with their Attachments, Comments, and Custom Fields;
  • Contacts and Organizations (Companies);
  • Groups;
  • and Tags.

Now, let’s move on to the peculiarities of LiveZilla export to help you get ready for the full data migration.

What are the peculiarities?

There are some differences from the typical data migration process when it comes to LiveZilla. They mainly depend on the permissions and limitations of LiveZilla. Now, let us explain:

1. Contacts

The Contacts count can be different in the “Demo migration preview” table in Migration Wizard. That’s because LiveZilla doesn’t provide a specific parameter that enables counting the exact number of all customer contacts available in the system. That’s why in the demo migration preview, you will see the number of contacts that we pulled out from the general number of all(!) tickets during the demo. In other words, the number of Contacts and Tickets will be equal.

LiveZIllla contact count

2. Organizations (companies)

The count of all available organizations (companies) for the full migration will always be 0. It’s because there’s no such entity in LiveZilla. However, it is possible to add a company name as a ticket field. This way, all the companies (organizations) will migrate to the destination platform.

LiveZilla contacts count


The assignee of the specific ticket will always be the author of all the comments on this ticket. Even if more agents were commenting on the ticket.

How to set up a data migration from LiveZilla?

The setup process with Help Desk Migration is seamless. All you have to do is complete a few simple steps that will take less than 20 minutes.

First, you have to sign up on the Help Desk Migration website and then start a new data migration.

Then, from the list of available source platforms, pick LiveZilla, and provide all the necessary credentials for the migration. In the case of LiveZilla, you have to provide the URL, Username, and Password from your account.

Connecting LiveZilla account

Then, pick your target help desk and go on to the mapping stage. Here, you have to choose the data you need to move to your future system.

Export LiveZilla to Zendesk

If you need, you can also map the ticket fields (both standard and custom) as you wish.

LiveZilla data migration mapping

As soon as you are ready with the mapping, you can start the demo migration process. It takes up to 5 minutes to transfer 20 random tickets with all the data connected to them into your target help desk.

LiveZilla demo migration preview

When the Demo Migration preview is ready, you can review the results of your demo migration and check if all the relations between the data are correct. If you’re happy with the outcome, you can move on to the full data migration process.

Try It Yourself!

Set up a free demo migration and see how the Migration Wizard works! In case you have any difficulties or additional requirements for your data migration, feel free to contact the support team. We are always ready to help you. And for now, happy migrating!

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