7 Apps to Have on Your Phone for Better Customer Support Skills

Today, small and corporate-centric businesses are striving to provide the most optimal customer service to their customers. However, the constantly increasing demands of the customers have opened new doors of possibilities to communicate and create an instant response mechanism.

Without contemporary technical advancements, majority of the businesses wouldn’t have been able to improve customer service skills. But before moving into the best apps for providing customer support, let’s talk briefly about the skills a customer support manager needs to have.

Essential Skills for Customer Support Manager

A customer support manager understands the importance of empathetic and non-robotic communication that helps with better customer engagement. Moreover, patience goes hand-in-hand with empathy.

Emotional intelligence (EI), for instance, is a broader aspect of empathy. The ability to read gestures and tonal voice creates constructive recognition points. As a result, they help you understand the point-of-view of the customers. In hindsight, a help desk employee should be persuasive and competent without crossing that thin red line.

Additionally, a great customer support manager should have the perseverance to resolve complex issues in a highly positive manner. And many customer service professionals would attest to the fact that a manager is only as good as his or her product knowledge. Furthermore, the readiness to dive into a problem with utmost clarity, adaptiveness, thoughtfulness, and creativity is the forefront required skill-set.

Use these apps to improve your customer support skills

1. Elevate

Comparatively, Elevate is much more beloved and reliable than other personalized brain training apps in the market. Well, it's an award-winning app that is available on iOS and Android, and it improves your focus, mathematical skills, memory function, and agility. The app is developed by neuroscience experts that understand the workout mechanics of the brain intimately. What is more, you can set brain training workouts daily or weekly and check the performance stats to see your advancement ratio.

2. Lumosity

The reason Lumosity works as well as it does is because of the integrated layered designs from experienced data scientists. It’s perfect to improve your cognitive memory functions, problem-solving ability, and increase attention span. The app practically allows you to have fun with more than 40+ mind games.

But the most resounding feature of the app is Fit Test that evaluates and analytically tracks your overall progress. Similarly, you can compare the same analysis with another age group. Apart from colorful user-layout of the app, it sends you dedicated reminders to complete a specific brain cognitive workout.

3. TED

Customer experience inherently depends on your gathered information to convey a message perfectly. Keeping that in mind, you can increase your depth of knowledge via TED app that offers a wide array of topics in the library section. You can create lasting engagement and access a variety of visual content that may just change your life.

Apart from downloading and consuming TED talks, the app is available in over 50 languages. On average, the topic is generally 18 minutes long and covers subject matters from entertainment, technology, critical thinking, psychology, and science. It is entirely up to you to set customized TED talks or play around with Surprise Me feature that shows you recommended talks.

4. Peak

The Peak may just be ‘it’ for managers who want to efficiently improve and build customer satisfaction programs. The designed games of the app enhance your cognitive skills to have a more robust short-term memory recognition, attentive focus, creative control, mental mapping, and language proficiency. In addition, you can set dedicated custom goals through app’s “Coach” feature that can track, motivate, and even advise on your progress.

5. Skillshare

Customer experience means robust communication via email, chat, and social media channels. And your personality to cater customer service on each platform may vary significantly. Therefore, Skillshare is ideal self-developmental app that can improve your personality skills.

You can dive into the basic or advanced skillset involving drawing, motion graphics, photography, or animation. Furthermore, the engaging skillshare community can help you move forward with your projects and even answer your questions.

6. Fit Brains

As the name suggests, Fit Brains is another brain-training app that comprises 60 minigames and hundreds of personalized training programs for the users. It is a great app for managers who want to resolve complex customer service issues. Your cognitive skill of each game is calculated on a 200-point scoring system.

The brain training app focuses on your cognitive ability, memory function, focus, and critical thinking. However, the app is relatively unique when it comes to how it targets your emotional intelligence (EI) and social communication skills. The end-goal is “more self-aware” as to how you control yourself in a given situation.

7. Curiosity

Curiosity is a great app that can help managers read customer behavior. The app is a smart portal that primarily focuses on numerous puzzles and quizzes. Additionally, the smart app provides you a variety of articles and videos that could help you with the answers you are looking for. Consequently, you can share your findings on social media platforms.

Want to learn more about self-development as the customer support expert? Read our blog posts about best customer support books and customer service podcasts to learn from!

Conclusion: Why Customer Support Skills Matter

Improving and maintaining efficient customer support skills would inevitably garner positive business operational activities. Besides, there’s always some room for improvement when it comes to customer service staff. The aforementioned apps can considerably help businesses draw a clear picture and organize more unique customer retention techniques for the foreseeable future.

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