A List of 10 Best Apps for Zendesk to Make Your Life Easier

The key to success in a customer-driven market is to create and maintain great relationships with customers. Zendesk can help you to do it at scale. With this customer support platform, you can connect with your customers on any channel.

In a nutshell, there is no matter whether your clients want to get in touch by phone, chat, email, social media, or any other channel. In any case, Zendesk brings the interactions to one place and makes it easy to keep track of all support requests, reply quickly, and monitor service agent’s performance. And you also can integrate your favorite apps to power up your help desk.

The family of Zendesk products

Zendesk offers scaling for its customers in order to meet the unique business needs of SMBs and enterprises equally. The platform provides:

  • support (ticketing system to deal with issues)
  • guide (company’s self-service knowledge base to deliver smart answers to customers and agents),
  • chat (real-time engagement with customers),
  • talk (integrated call center software).

You can implement the whole Zendesk Suite or choose one or two key systems. Other than that, Zendesk allows building your own integrations via their API. Or you can choose from a plethora of apps in the marketplace. We picked the best apps for Zendesk that support teams can leverage in their workplace.

Note, the listing shows no specific preference and the order of apps is random.

5 apps to synergize Zendesk Support

#1 productboard helps you to understand what products users need and prioritize what to develop next. Together with Zendesk, this product excellence system connects relevant tickets with insights from customers to improve the pain points.

#2 Proactive Campaigns app allows your support and marketing teams to quickly and easily create customer lists and send mass outbound emails. What is more, with its help you are able to streamline the way you send personalized follow-ups, updates, offers, etc. The app also automatically creates tickets on customers’ behalf and tracks the responses in Zendesk Support. The user can manage all these processes directly from Zendesk Support.

#3 SurveyMonkey will help you to organize customer lists and send targeted surveys. Plus, the customizable, tailored messages will impress your customers. Also, the app delivers feedback in real time. Lastly, remember that you should check if the customer lists feature enabled on your Zendesk Support account.

#4 Trello is one of the best apps for Zendesk that enhances collaboration on any project. You can organize and prioritize your work with Trello’s boards, lists, and cards to run working time in a fun, flexible, and rewarding way.

#5 Intercom helps you to get the context that is required to solve customer issues quickly right away in Zendesk. Due to this app, you can track customer interaction with your product and then communicate with them in your apps, by email, and via social. Make your support more fast, useful, and personal.

We propose a list of best apps to upgrade your Zendesk

5 best apps to enhance your Zendesk Chat

#1 ChargeDesk will be your main helper in managing Stripe, PayPal, Braintree, Recurly, and Zuora payments inside Zendesk. You can view, create, refund, and cancel all payments and subscriptions from Zendesk. The app will work with your current eCommerce setup and, mostly, will require no additional coding.

#2 Agent Scripting comes as handy live support that allows support agents to follow the interactive, standardized scripts. You also can create custom scripts with Zingtee tools (that is a provider of Agent Scripting App), and they will be available in your Zendesk. The app also delivers you reports on how your tree is being used.

#3 BrightReps Sidekick app is a solution for building, using, and measuring support team process flow. The app offers:

  • flow builder to build, download, and publish the process flows for reps to follow right from the Zendesk ticket.
  • integrated workflows to deliver a knowledge base of processes that is searchable and suggests workflows based on ticket criteria.
  • process analytics to view processes including heat maps of completions, time spent for each step, and rep feedback to measure and improve their processes.

#4 MaestroQA is a quality assurance and monitoring app. You will find it useful for improving customer satisfaction, NPS, CES, maintaining consistent service, and creating a quality score of KPI for agents. The other benefit is driving employee learning and development.

#5 ScreenMeet allows you to use remote support from your web browser, see, and control any device from your Zendesk instance. The app allows you to create a remote session and invite the customer to share their screen via a URL and see. During the session, you can control the end-users’ device in real-time. All processes are secure and encrypted, while the support agent never has to leave their browser.


Zendesk brings efficient and outstanding tools for driving more satisfied customers to your brand. Besides, there are many useful apps available to power up your help desk. In case, you want to add some up to the best apps for Zendesk list, feel free to comment.

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